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Sometimes when the words wont flow out onto the page you just have to write and hope for the best.  I’ve attempted to get this blog off the ground for YEARS!!! Don’t even ask me to check how long I’ve been holding onto this damn domain name for. Every time the renewal comes up, I think to myself this will be the year that I finally pull the trigger.  Then I hop over to photoshop and start redesigning a logo, go on Pinterest and find some inspiration for a colour scheme and buy a shiny new WordPress theme. 


Next I brainstorm ideas and topics for a few days, then draw it all up into a great looking content calendar.  But every time I forget an important step or two–creating and posting the content I so meticulously planned out.  Every year it’s been a flop!


This time I’m starting with the number one thing that needs to be done order to have an amazing, engaging, inspiring blog. I’m WRITING.  So welcome to Chasing Strength.  I’m kicking things off with no plan just the momentum and fire that I have in this moment to begin writing; we shall see where it all goes from here.


I’m coming out of one of the toughest seasons in my life. I’ve been stuck in this low funk for months and months. As the sun has started to shine longer and the warm weather is starting to come, I’m seeing some light at the end of this cold dark tunnel. While I’m still on an upwards climb out of this, I’m starting to win the winter blues battle.


My emotions have been an absolute roller coaster this week, thanks pms! I’ve gone from blubbering mess to confident and inspired in the blink of an eye. Despite that I’ve had some major progress towards my life strengthening goals. More on those to come in a separate post.


This past Sunday I ran a 10km race with ZERO training or practice of any kind, I DO NOT recommend this what so ever! Two days later and I’m still walking like I have arthritic hips. But despite the stiff muscles and achy joints it did wonders for me mentally. The mental toughness it took to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep my pace going was immense. It proved to me that I still had it in me to push through the hard things. If I could wake up and mentally push myself to run a personal best time in a 10km race, when I hadn’t run that far in almost 3 years, what else could I do? 


I worry I’ve been lying to myself for the past few months, telling myself that I needed to be gentle because I’d had a rough year. But really, I’ve just been lazy, don’t get me wrong self-care and being gentle is absolutely needed sometimes. Just don’t let it become a rut.  Be gentle, take a minute, practice some self-care; then get the hell up and do something productive for your life. Take some steps forward towards your goals!


So, here’s to me getting the hell up and starting to strengthen my health, fitness, relationships and career.